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Living Big at 2Hopkins

Exterior view of 2Hopkins with plaza
March 12, 2018, by 2hopkinsadmin

Residents talk about how beauty, community and concrete turned these Baltimore, MD, apartments into home sweet homes.


Every historical building has its legacy. And the 2Hopkins apartments in Baltimore are no different. The structure represents an important time in American history. A time of action. A time of big ideas. It was always meant to be both beautiful and functional. And 2Hopkins’ designers captured this essence by contrasting harsh exterior concrete lines with soft, colorful interiors. Now, 2Hopkins residents are creating a new legacy. You can wake up to a spectacular view, enjoy the benefits of modern design and foster a deep sense of community at the 2Hopkins Baltimore, MD, apartments. See some of the great things our residents had to say about what makes 2Hopkins apartments in Baltimore a great place to call home.




The sleek design and high-rise views at 2Hopkins inspired the #BeautyinBmore photo contest. The winner perfectly captured the color and dynamism that Baltimore and 2Hopkins offer.


“2Hopkins is a beautiful place to live,” says resident Matthew W. Plain—and simple. He continues, “Our apartment is very spacious and the overall feel of it is beautiful. I was just telling someone that walking through that door and seeing that view is such a great feeling to come home to!”


“Beautiful view, nice staff, great location. Thank you!” added Maria I. Speaking of staff…




The staff at 2Hokpins is helpful, friendly and engaged. “I love how welcoming the staff is, and all the fun and yummy events!” says Jaime M. There are events at these apartments in Downtown Baltimore every single month and that’s what builds the community. One resident said, “The resident events let me know I’m valued!” Another commented, “LIVEbe values you as a resident…. With that, everything else falls into place.”


After three months, 2Hopkins feels like “Home Sweet Home”, to resident Hosea C. To the staff she adds, “I’m looking forward to more fun and happy times, and appreciate all you have been doing.”


“The staff is amazing,” said another resident. “The building is very cozy,” they continued. And that’s just one more item on the list of what makes the 2Hopkins apartments in Downtown Baltimore so great.




Finally, we get down to the foundation of what 2Hopkins is: concrete.


“The floors are thick concrete so we don’t hear noise from our upstairs neighbors,” says Matthew W. Recalling the sounds that floated up from the city streets of his childhood, Matthew says he expected it, but was pleasantly surprised to find peace and quiet when moving to 2Hopkins.


The renovation at the 2Hopkins apartments in Downtown Baltimore was efficient and thorough. “The amenities are wonderful and have a very high build quality. Couple of years down the line, I expect this place to be one of the most sought-after in town,” added resident Ahmed F.


RaeGina C. said her experience has been first rate. “We’re happy we moved here and as the days go by and the construction nears the end, the building is becoming more alive.”


Why 2Hopkins?


The answer is simple. 2Hopkins is beautiful. It’s substantial. It’s a community.


“5 out of 5 stars.” Matthew W.


These apartments in Downtown Baltimore can be the center of your life and the pleasant end to your day. Take a tour today and see if the 2Hopkins life is for you.